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Bowling Green, Kentucky - 270-996-8580
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Joe Easterling Name

My name is Joe Easterling. I first came to Bowling Green from Columbus, Ohio to play football at Western Kentucky University (WKU). My first year ended with knee surgery a week before the season started. But I earned a varsity letter my second year playing second team Defense Tackle and being a member of the Kick-Off team (head hunter squad).

Then I met, fell in love with, and married a girl from Russellville, Kentucky. As of August, 2014, it's been 38 years and we're still counting. We raised one son, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

I left WKU at the end of my second season and took a job with General Motors in 1977 at Columbus, Ohio. In 1990, I moved to Franklin, Tennessee when I transferred to the Saturn Corporation in Spring Hill, TN.

I finished my career with General Motors in 2007 after over 31 years of service.

My wife and I decided to return to Bowling Green in March of 2006 for retirement. She said, "It all started here, and it's all going to end here." I'm not sure what she meant by that!

I'm a member of the Bowling Green Assembly Corvette Club and manage its website. It's a great club and we do a lot of good things for local charities.

I'm also a member and system builder for the BGAMUG Computer Club, also known as the Bowling Green Microcomputer User Group.

My first computer certification was a CompTIA A+ Certification in 2002, followed by a CompTIA Net + Certification in 2005. I became a Microsoft Certified Professional in 2006.

Thanks for reading my About Me page.

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See the Links and Resources page for more information about the Corvette Club and BGAMUG.

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Microsoft Certified Professional

A+, Network+ Certified

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Licensed and located in Bowling Green, Kentucky

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Contact me via email

Joe Easterling

Bowling Green, KY



Monday - Saturday

Closed Saturday's during football season

I am a member of the BGAMUG Computer Club

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