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Some computer problems I can fix for you:

Sound problems

Hardware conflict(s)

Computer freezing up

Computer not shutting off

Virus problems

Operating system not working

Internet connection problems

Illegal Operation error

Slow performance

Printing problems

Problems with memory

Computer setup

Program(s) not running


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Bowling Green, Kentucky - 270-996-8580 - Licensed and Guaranteed

Residential and Commercial applications

Licensed and Insured


Full System Cleaning

Virus and Spyware removal $75-$125

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I'm glad you are here. My name is Joe Easterling. I am the owner of WKY Computers.

My goal is to help you with your computer problems in a timely, courteous, friendly, and helpful manner. Your satisfaction matters to me.

That is why your complete satisfaction is my priority!

Do you have a question about your computer? Is there something I can do to help? Click to find out more about me.

Call or email me for prompt assistance. See my contact info. (to right) or go to the Contact Me page.

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SERVICES: Let me build you a custom system. A custom system allows you more flexibility with pricing and hardware. I offer free consultations and quotes.

MORE SERVICES: I offer a full range of computer services on software and hardware, upgrades and repairs. Check the price menu on the left and my Services page. Call for a quote if your service is not listed.

PICKUP SERVICE: I will clean your computer tower inside and out, and complete the repair or upgrade for you at my shop. I will also do a scan for hardware problems, return your system and set it up completely, including doing a system state checkup before I leave.

I make it easy for you to upgrade your system, fix your system, or have a new computer system to use that is easier and faster.

Find out more about my services at the Services Page. Also, you can check my prices here:


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WKY Computers offers a large range of computer services, support and assistance to clients in and near the South Central Kentucky area.

My services include business and residential computer applications, repair, and custom computer setups. I also do computer repair, virus eradication, wireless networking, and hardware and software setup.

My prices are reasonable, and I have a Satisfaction Guarantee policy.

I look forward to meeting you!

Joe Easterling Name
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Microsoft Certified Professional

A+, Network+ Certified

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Licensed and located in Bowling Green, Kentucky

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Contact me via email

Joe Easterling

Bowling Green, KY



Monday - Saturday

Closed Saturdays during football season

I am a member of the BGAMUG Computer Club

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